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How to Choose a Bed Bug Pest Control Contractor

How should you choose the best bed bug exterminator in your area? According to the National Pest Management Association, 97 percent of pest control professionals have treated residential or commercial structures for bed bugs. If you're one of the many families with this type of pest problem, take a look at what to ask before you hire an exterminator.

Do They Have Experience With Bed Bugs?

Some exterminators are specialists. A pest control contractor who primarily works with wildlife (raccoons, skunks, and similar animals) may not have the knowledge or experience necessary to effectively eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are notoriously tricky to find and eliminate. This means the contractor needs specialized expertise working with the invader. If you're not sure how much experience the exterminator has in this area, ask:

  • How many years have you worked with bed bugs? While there's no magic number that points to a high expertise level, avoid contractors with little to no experience.
  • What type of training do employees have? If the contractor uses multiple technicians, ask about the bed bug expertise level of the employees.
  • What organizations or affiliations do you have? Does the contractor have affiliates with bed bug-specific organizations or groups? While these aren't necessary, membership or affiliation does show the company's commitment to specializing in bed bug control.

Along with these questions, ask the contractor about what other pests they provide control services for. Specialization isn't always an all or none issue. It's common for some companies to specialize in bed bugs, but still offer other extermination options. A company that offers bed bug and other services is a contractor you can continue to use in the future for other potential pest problems.

What Type of Treatments Do They Use?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), registration with this federal government agency is a requirement for pesticide products used in the United States. If the pest control contractor uses unregistered products or makes their own formulas, think twice about your choice of exterminator.

Pest control professionals have several ways to treat bed bug infestations. These include:

  • Whole room heat. One hundred and eighteen degree heat kills bed bugs and their eggs within 90 minutes, according to the University of Minnesota. Some exterminators use high temperature equipment to eliminate bed bugs from individual rooms.
  • Contact insecticide. A contact insecticide treatment kills bed bugs eliminates bed bugs on surfaces.
  • Residual insecticide. This option helps to eliminate infestations inside of furniture or under other surfaces.
  • Dust pesticide. This type of product can eliminate bed bugs in cracks or crevices, such as floor boards or inside of electrical receptacle plates.
  • Integrated pest management. An integrated pest management (IPM) approach is a multidisciplinary strategy that uses a variety of techniques to eliminate bed bugs from a home or other structure.

The specific type of pest control option a contractor chooses depends on several factors, such as the infestation, your home environment (whether you have pets or children), and preferred products.

Do They Offer Long-Term Services?

It only takes one pregnant female bed bug to start an infestation. If you have concerns about a re-infestation, discuss the long-term possibilities with the would-be pest management contractor. If prevention techniques fail, you could end up with bugs in your bed and beyond.

Before you hire a contractor, ask the company if they:

  • Offer a guarantee. Some repeat infestations are a result of incomplete extermination. A guarantee protects you from this type of situation.
  • Provide repeat services. This may include a routine monthly or seasonal pest management schedule.
  • Offer preventative measures. What can the company do to protect your home against a future invasion?

Ideally a one-time bed bug treatment could eliminate the invasion. Even though a pest control contractor can effectively remove the threat, no one can guarantee the problem won't return.

Do you need pest control services? Contact No Bull Bed Bug Control for more information.

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Your home is inviting to a lot of different pests. Whether rodents want to get out of the cold weather or bugs want to take advantage of an easy source of food, you need to protect yourself from pests. One of the hardest pests to keep out is bed bugs. If you have or think you have a bed bug problem, give No Bull Bed Bug Control a call today for a bed bug treatment. We’re the bed bug exterminators you need in Utah.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are normally a red or brown color. They’re smaller than a penny, so you may have a hard time seeing them. These bugs live off of human and animal blood, and they can be found all over the country and world.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs aren’t typically considered dangerous, as they don’t carry any diseases or sicknesses. However, their bites can be annoying, and some people may suffer an allergic reaction to the bites. These bugs will normally leave a small bite mark that’s noticeable after the person wakes up.

What Are Signs of Bed Bugs?

While the bugs are difficult to see, especially because they hide during the day, you can look for small exoskeletons or small, rust-colored spots on the sheets. You may also notice a sweet, musty smell around the bed.

Why Hire a Professional?

Bed bugs are insidious and a notorious pain to get rid of completely. They can affect anyone, no matter how clean you keep your home, and once they’re inside, they’re hard to eliminate. No Bull Bed Bug Control has the experience and equipment you need to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

We specialize in bed bug control, so we don’t just use a simple spray to handle the problem; we use a heat treatment system that can kill the bugs in as little as one day. We also avoid toxic or harmful chemicals, so your family and pets stay safe.

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