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Why Are Bed Bugs So Problematic?

No bug inside your home is a welcome guest, but bedbugs are extremely problematic. Not only can they cause pain from their bites, but they are also notoriously hard to kill. If you would like to learn more about bedbugs, check out these three reasons they are so problematic for homeowners and pest control technicians.

1. They Bite

The leading problem with bedbugs is that they feed off your blood. At night, they sneak out of your bed to bite you, leaving small red bumps that usually appear on the neck, face, arms, and legs. You may not feel the initial bite, but most bedbug bites lead to uncomfortable symptoms like burning and itching.

The bumps may be red and closed, but some people develop blisters or eruptions. Due to the bites, you may also notice small bits of blood from bites or bug droppings on your sheets.

Bedbugs also carry lots of pathogens in them, but so far, they can’t likely transfer diseases to humans. Some humans, however, may develop secondary infections from scratching bites, and if you have a low immunity system or allergies, you may experience anaphylactic shock. Kids, elderly, and bedridden patients are at higher risk of developing complications after bedbug bites.

2. They Spread Fast

Your home can become infested with bedbugs before you even know it. In some cases, you may bring the bedbugs inside yourself after being exposed at a hotel or on public transportation. In other cases, someone may visit you and spread their bedbugs to your home. Similarly, bringing in infected furniture can cause an infestation in your home.

Once inside your home, they spread throughout the house fast. Despite their size, they can move several feet per minute, making it easy for them to spread out to different rooms and furniture before you even realize your home has been invaded.

In fact, even if you get a single pregnant female inside your home, an infestation is imminent. Signs you may have a bedbug infestation include eggshells, shed skin, and a musty smell where they live.

3. They Are Difficult to Kill

Once you have an infestation, you can have a hard time getting rid of it, which is why calling a professional pest control company is a must. One reason you cannot easily kill all bedbugs in a home is because they are small, hide well, and spread fast. Therefore, even if you think you got them all, one pregnant female or a few bugs may have escaped the poison.

On top of that, they multiply quickly. A female can lay 500 eggs during her lifetime. In addition, they can go a long time without feeding off blood.

Finally, bedbugs have become more resistant to the pesticide that kills them. In the past, DDT was used to control bedbugs, and it worked well. However, DDT was terrible for the environment, so it was banned.

Since then, pest control techs have tried to find the perfect pesticide to kill bedbugs once and for all. Even with a skilled pest control specialist, you will still need to ensure every bug in the home is killed to fully stop the infestation.

If you believe you have a bedbug infestation, you need to act immediately. The longer you wait, the more the bugs will spread. If you would like to learn more, or if you want a quote for bedbug elimination, contact us at No Bull Bed Bug Control today. We look forward to meeting with you and helping solve your bedbug issues. You should not have to live with this problematic pest another minute.

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Your home is inviting to a lot of different pests. Whether rodents want to get out of the cold weather or bugs want to take advantage of an easy source of food, you need to protect yourself from pests. One of the hardest pests to keep out is bed bugs. If you have or think you have a bed bug problem, give No Bull Bed Bug Control a call today for a bed bug treatment. We’re the bed bug exterminators you need in Utah.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are normally a red or brown color. They’re smaller than a penny, so you may have a hard time seeing them. These bugs live off of human and animal blood, and they can be found all over the country and world.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs aren’t typically considered dangerous, as they don’t carry any diseases or sicknesses. However, their bites can be annoying, and some people may suffer an allergic reaction to the bites. These bugs will normally leave a small bite mark that’s noticeable after the person wakes up.

What Are Signs of Bed Bugs?

While the bugs are difficult to see, especially because they hide during the day, you can look for small exoskeletons or small, rust-colored spots on the sheets. You may also notice a sweet, musty smell around the bed.

Why Hire a Professional?

Bed bugs are insidious and a notorious pain to get rid of completely. They can affect anyone, no matter how clean you keep your home, and once they’re inside, they’re hard to eliminate. No Bull Bed Bug Control has the experience and equipment you need to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

We specialize in bed bug control, so we don’t just use a simple spray to handle the problem; we use a heat treatment system that can kill the bugs in as little as one day. We also avoid toxic or harmful chemicals, so your family and pets stay safe.

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