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3 Bed Bug Misconceptions

Bed sheetsFrom roaches and rats to squirrels and spiders, many pests can enter your home. Unfortunately, certain pests are feared more than others. For example, bed bugs seem to induce feelings of panic and paranoia, and some people even develop symptoms usually associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Thankfully, proper understanding and professional help will protect your home and family from bed bugs. This guide will address a few common misconceptions regarding bed bugs.
Bed Bug Infestations Are Rare

One misconception you may have is that a bed bug infestation is rare, meaning it is something you would never go through. However, bed bugs are more common than you may think.
Recent reports have shown an estimated 97 percent of pest professionals surveyed have treated bed bugs within the past year. In addition, many of these professionals believe the prevalence of these pests is increasing.
Because they are not actually rare and are becoming more of a problem, bed bugs must be thoroughly understood.
Bed Bugs Infest Only Beds

Even though their name suggests they linger in beds, these bugs can infest many different spaces. Any warm, dark space is attractive to bed bugs. And because of their size and thin shape, they can fit into the smallest of cracks and crevices.
Bed bugs may infest not only beds but also headboards and footboards, nightstands, chairs and couches, window treatments, carpet and rugs, stuffed animals, clothing, dresser drawers, handbags, luggage, and even automobiles.
Although beds are most appealing because there the bugs can feed on your blood while you lay motionless at night and they can enjoy the darkness and warmth of the mattresses and linens, bed bugs may infest many other areas.
Bed Bugs Are Impossible to See

Another myth some people believe is that bed bugs are similar to dust mites in that they cannot be seen by the human eye. In reality, bed bugs are small, but they are not microscopic like dust mites.
As the EPA explains on their website, bed bugs measure about 5mm to 7mm in length. They are a reddish-brown in color and have a flat, oval-shaped body. Many people compare the look of bed bugs to the size and color of an apple seed.
To inspect for bed bugs, focus on your mattress and box spring first. Look on and under each part of your bed and bedding, paying special attention to seams, folds, and creases where bed bugs will try to hide. Check out our infographic to learn where to look for bed bugs in your home.
Even if you do not see an actual bug, you may still have a bed bug problem. Other signs of a bed bug infestation include unexplained bites on your skin and small blood spots on your mattress or bedding. These small specks of blood may indicate the bugs have bitten and fed on your skin while you slept.
Bed bugs defecate quickly after feeding, so you may notice fecal matter too, if you have an infestation. Fecal matter left behind by bed bugs will look like dark specks of brown or black liquid.
Eggs may also be noticeable. Bed bugs’ eggs measure about 1mm in length and have a shiny, white color. Egg shells are also common if you have a bed bug infestation. These shells will be translucent.
Last, but definitely not least, a foul odor in your home could indicate a bed bug infestation. In large numbers, bed bugs can leave behind a musty, sick odor that many people compare to coriander, almonds, or rotting raspberries.
Check out our video overview to learn more signs of a bed bug infestation to help as you inspect for bed bugs.
It is normal to fear bed bugs, but help is available. For more information or to schedule an inspection or treatment for a bed bug problem, contact No Bull Bed Bug Control today and schedule an appointment.

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Your home is inviting to a lot of different pests. Whether rodents want to get out of the cold weather or bugs want to take advantage of an easy source of food, you need to protect yourself from pests. One of the hardest pests to keep out is bed bugs. If you have or think you have a bed bug problem, give No Bull Bed Bug Control a call today for a bed bug treatment. We’re the bed bug exterminators you need in Utah.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are normally a red or brown color. They’re smaller than a penny, so you may have a hard time seeing them. These bugs live off of human and animal blood, and they can be found all over the country and world.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs aren’t typically considered dangerous, as they don’t carry any diseases or sicknesses. However, their bites can be annoying, and some people may suffer an allergic reaction to the bites. These bugs will normally leave a small bite mark that’s noticeable after the person wakes up.

What Are Signs of Bed Bugs?

While the bugs are difficult to see, especially because they hide during the day, you can look for small exoskeletons or small, rust-colored spots on the sheets. You may also notice a sweet, musty smell around the bed.

Why Hire a Professional?

Bed bugs are insidious and a notorious pain to get rid of completely. They can affect anyone, no matter how clean you keep your home, and once they’re inside, they’re hard to eliminate. No Bull Bed Bug Control has the experience and equipment you need to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

We specialize in bed bug control, so we don’t just use a simple spray to handle the problem; we use a heat treatment system that can kill the bugs in as little as one day. We also avoid toxic or harmful chemicals, so your family and pets stay safe.

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